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Where Does your Hope Lie?

Yesterday was “Blue Monday”, supposedly the most depressing day of this year (a quick online search should turn up more information for those interested in finding out more about its origin). This morning in Toronto, we experienced frigid winter weather with a wind chill of -25 degrees Celsius, but we’re getting off easy compared to some other areas of the country! It’s also the time of year when SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) symptoms are most prevalent, particularly for those living in colder climes.

Given post-holiday blues, below freezing temperatures, challenges with finances and personal relationships, etc., etc., etc., what motivates us to get up out of bed every morning? For many, the answer is obvious. There are responsibilities to fulfill, whether it be getting the kids off to school or ourselves off to work, etc., etc., etc. A sense of purpose can be a great driving force, but is there anything more that encourages us daily to keep pressing on in spite of our trials in this life? Despair, after all, drives some to suicide and others to various forms of self-destructive behaviour. What convinces the rest of us that we have something of value to keep living for?

Hope can spur us on to do many things, from the mundane to the most remarkable, but hope is better placed in a source that is consistently reliable rather than in things or people, for once they’re gone, our hope quickly dissipates along with them. Like an anchor that securely holds a tossing boat even in the stormiest weather, our hope must be based on something sure, or when the worst trials come we will surely fold under their pressure.

Whatever mood this post finds you in, may you find encouragement in the words above and in the video below.